Racaire’s Workshop: every person is unique!

04 Jun 2021 15:18

The presentation of the Artisans and Craftsmen People’s Choice Award competition nominees continues. Today we introduce Anna E. Dockery, the craftswoman from the Racaire’s Workshop (USA) to you. 

Her workshop makes one of a kind hand printed clothing, coifs, bags, hoods and much more! To decorate the fabric with ornaments, special blocks are used that make the fabric truly unique. The used block printing stamps are all hand carved by Racaire and most are inspired or based on medieval artwork. Racaire makes everything in her small workshop in the Florida panhandle and loves to do special custom pieces for her customers.

“The most important focus for me is the happiness of my customer by creating something special and unique for a very special and unique person”, Anna told us.

Her workshop, as a business, is still very young. But Anna has a lot of professional experience; The Racaire’s Workshop was established in January of 2019, but she has been printing fabrics for about 5 years and sewing for about 20. 

Of course, working with clients and discussing the future product takes a lot of time. Every little aspect matters here!

First it is important for me to find out what the customer really wants and what would serve him or her for a long time. Then I try to find out how to make it a reality – like which fabrics, colors, prints or seizes would work best.

After getting all the important information I finally start creating the item for the customer. I sometimes use an “RW” stamp for a few items I make”, she said.

According to Anna, printing is not easy and changes with temperature, humidity, used braiers (rollers), paints/inks, printing surfaces/fabrics, padding. She is sure practicing printing almost daily for several years helps a lot in producing high quality fabric decorations”.

Workshop products can often be found at tournaments and festivals throughout the USA. The craftswoman has many positive reviews, grateful clients and an excellent reputation. That is why she became an Artisans and Craftsmen People’s Choice Award competition nominee for the HMBIA quality mark. 

HMBIA News editors decided to devote the whole of June to the presentation of the nominees. It is a pleasure for us to tell you about the talented people who create beautiful and useful items for HMB sports and our athletes.

In addition, we can no longer wait to announce the start of voting for the presented masters.

In the meantime, while we are preparing new material, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the works of those about whom we have already written.

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