Zerr, Germany: “It was nice to find out that years of training were useful”

26 Aug 2014 11:47

This year’s Battle of the Nations left very positive emotions. We visited a new and very beautiful town, met a lot of interesting people, old and new friends. And competed with very strong and interesting opponents.

I am very pleased with the performance of my team. Concerning the “1 vs 1” category our club had long taken the best fighters of Eastern Europe as a paragon, and we were right after them, losing only to “Poland-3″ in the near-final fights. Unfortunately, we failed to achieve considerable results in the group battles. A number of strong fighters, on whom the team relied, were absent. On the one hand, it proved the saying that a person should rely solely on his/her strength. On the other hand, the Team was new, the composition participated in “Battle of the Nations” for the first time. We did not expect to get too much, we knew where and why we were going. The result was predictable. However, the fighters got a lot of experience through communication with other men. It was especially interesting to talk on the subject of military tactics, correct gear, training methods with the Russian fighters.

It was clear that in many countries fighters develop and increase their level, train diligently. We liked all the people we met.

The most joyous moment for us was to get the ninth place in triathlon. The fact is that our club devoted less attention to it than to group battles. But that’ll change. First of all, it was nice to find out that years of training and getting experience, being isolated from the countries having strong individual fighters, were not in vain… After all, we had done a serious job, here I mean constant search for new methods of training, for the best armor (here we lag behind Eastern Europe as well)… But all those things gave a good result, which means we work correctly and move in the right direction. Now we aim at getting good results in the group categories as well.

We felt a great support at the competition. Firstly, our camp was located near the main entrance to the event. Many people, entering the town, or leaving it, came to us. Secondly, our club has people who speak fluently two languages, Russian and English. Thirdly, the policy of our club has always been the slogan “we are open to all.” Therefore, every evening our camp was visited by many guests. We cooked food for all and shared it with visitors. German beer we had taken there was drunk the first night… A lot of people supported us at the event.

In general, we had a good time and now we have to think about the future. First of all, we want to develop our movement around the world and in our country in particular. And, accordingly, we are working on that. We would like, of course, to participate in Battle of the Nations next year and achieve better results than this time. We have so many plans, namely to organize some events at home, inviting fighters from other countries, train and prepare the National Team, improve gear of fighters, etc. I think the Team will be better prepared and more numerous in a year.

I would like to wish everybody happiness. I think that Battle of the Nations demonstrates not only to the world, but first and foremost to us, reenactors, what a great potential is concealed in our movement. It is difficult to use it, though possible. And we’re working on the point.

Valentin Zerr,
fighter of the National Team of Germany

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