Young athletes demonstrate a high class!

15 Mar 2020 17:11

On the first day of the international festival of the military historical movement REKON, serious passions flared up at the HMB Soft area. Here, on several lists at once, there were 5 vs 5 fights in the age group of 10-11 years, as well as individual fights of the youngest athletes of the age groups of 4-5 years old, 6-7 years old for boys and girls and 8-9 years old for boys and girls. More than 200 participants from 26 clubs, representatives of 18 cities, fought for the victory.

In addition, athletes of the 18+ age category competed for the victory here.


The results of the battles of the 1st competitive day of the HMB Soft tournament are as follows:

5 vs 5 category
Age group “10-11 years”:

1. Central Federal District team
2. Sever
3. She-wolves


Sword and Buckler
Age category 4 – 5 years:

1. Grachev Vladimir, Russia, Kolomna (“Knyazhij Styag”)
2. Krivonosov Vsevolod, Moscow (“Ul’fbert”)
3. Novikov Yaroslav, Moscow (“ZHivaya Legenda”)


Age category 6 – 7 years (boys):

  1. CHinkin Nikolaj, Vladimir (“Rubezh”)
  2. Kozlov Dmitrij, Moscow (“Ul’fbert”)
  3. Tukenov Ramil’, Novokuzneck (SKIF)


Age category 6 – 7 years (girls):
1. Kadykova Dar’ya, SHuya (Atlant)
2. Polishchuk Radmila, SHCHyolkovo (“Radogost”)
3. Roslyakova Sofiya, Kursk (“Avalon”)

Age category 8 – 9 years (boys):

  1. Gorshkov Aleksandr, SHuya (“Atlant”)
  2. Pryaluhin Maksim, Arhangel’sk (“Severnyj volk”)
  3. Vodovozov Aleksandr, Arhangel’sk (“Severnyj volk”)


Age category 8 – 9 years (girls):

1. Potapova Elizaveta, Arhangel’sk (“Severnyj volk”)
2. Vtorushina Mariya, Arhangel’sk (“Severnyj volk”)
3. Veshnyakova Sofiyag, Arhangel’sk (“Severnyj volk”)

Sword and Shield 

Age category 18+ Men:
1. Karyakin Vitalij, Kursk (“Avalon”)
2. Kononov Nikita, Kursk (“Avalon”)
3. CHistyakov Evgenij, Vologda (“Istok”)


Age category 18+ Women:
1. YArgina Anastasiya, Arhangel’sk (“Severnyj Volk”)
2. YArgina Oksana, Arhangel’sk (“Severnyj Volk”)
3. SHitova Anna, Orekhovo-Zuevo (“Vojnova Zastava”)

Congratulations to the winners and wish them new victories and interesting fights!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania