Wurzian about “VVMR Salzburg Turnier 1vs1″

06 Dec 2017 16:58

The 19th of November the beautiful austrian city Salzburg held a small but tough event – “VVMR Salzburg Turnier 1vs1″. Heinrich Stefan Wurzian won it and its not a first victory on this tournament for Heinrich. HMBIA News asked him to tell about this event.

Heinrich Stefan Wurzian:
“It was small duels (triathlon) Tournament hosted by a Club in Salzburg. I won the tournament for the second time in a row. I did it for the first time in 2016. But this year I had to spend more energy in doing so. I guess I got old and lazy. I’m just kidding – the level this year was higher compared to 2016. All the athletes made great progress and obviously trained a lot. I am satisfied with my performance, but I will adjust my training routine for next year to hopefully win the 3rd time in a row.”

According to Heinrich, the organization of the event was completely satisfying. The Schedule was clear and well executed, marshals did a good job, water was provided, opponents was great – no reason to complain at all.

Conserning the opponents! Heinrich had to work hard to get golden cup this year.

Heinrich Stefan Wurzian:
“There were a bunch of really skilled Austrian duelists at the tournament. But the hardest fight for me was the Semi-Final against Daniel LECHNER (Fullcontact Salzburg Innagebirg). Even though he only started HMB practice a year ago but made incredible progress and made me sweat. I enjoyed the fight. Being pushed to your limits and succeeding is an amazing feeling.”

So, let’s wait for a year and wish Heinrich to show his best on triathlon in Salzburg.

We thank Simone WIDHALM for the photos


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