“White Eagles” of Serbia are willing to fight!

18 Mar 2018 18:23
Aleksandar Urosevic is a real “HMB Eagle”, well known and skilled fighter. He loves the HMB sport and trains hard with his clubmates. He told about the club he represents, their trainings and HMB friends.

So, his club called “White Eagles” (“Beli Orlovi” in Serbian) was registered in 2010. A name of the club comes from their county flag that is a white two-headed eagle, which also means the first of Serbian ancestors. These eagles always loved history, and were interested in medieval fighting. They found out that there is a real medieval fighting in Russia and wanted to be a part of this sport. From that time their real HMB life began!

Aleksandar Urosevic:
“We had a lot of work and hard times until we finally went on our first World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”- 2014 in Croatia, that was our ticket to the wonderful world of medieval competitions and to the HMB family”.

“White Eagles” is a big HMB club with more than 100 members, and everyone can find the inspiration here, because they have sections suited to every fancy: archery, buhurt, HEMA and wrestling. An interesting thing is that they have several captains – one captain for each class and one president, who is the head of the club. The president of the club is Bojan Tasic, and the captain of the buhurt section is Aleksandar Urosevic. He has got 15 buhurt fighters now.

Aleksandar and his team have a close schedule of trainings – they meet 4 times per week for 2 hours. He told us, that they are trying to support every interested group or individuals in the country to get their armor and start to train. And their help is huge – these guys have good cooperation with the medieval workshop “Rascia”, which sponsored every first set of armor for new fighters for free. It`s an awesome tradition! Furthermore, “White Eagles” has one more tradition – every new member must go through the secret initiation. HMBIA News asked Aleksandar, what kind of initiation they have? But it is a secret!
Of course, the members of this club are trying to attract new people to the HMB sport, and they do it every day! They have several camps in high schools and a lot of interactive workshops, where people can see and feel the medieval spirit, try to fight in armor with a steel weapon, and after that a lot of people come to the “White Eagle” to practice this sport.

HMBIA News thinks that these guys have wonderful traditions and a great future. They are working hard and win. Let`s wish them good fights on the lists of the “Battle of the Nations”-2018 in Rome!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania