Where to shoot beautiful Medieval style photosession during HMB Copa tournament in Argentina?

15 Sep 2017 11:52
If you are excited by attending Copa tournament 2017, but want more Medieval atmosphere, we recommend you to visit Campanopolis village and to feel true Medieval spirit there.
Strange and amazing, this village is full of buildings in different architectural styles which were widespread in Medieval Europe. Buildings are joined by cobbled streets, narrow passages and nooks. In this fantastic place you will find fountains, lakes, “quebracho” bridges, a Dutch windmill, a colonial chapel.
Rich museum exhibitions with collections of iron things, hanging chandeliers, antique objects and art pieces will help you better understand the former lifestyle.

This village is a dream of man Don Antonio Campana. He implemented it into life in the 1967 year in a small but cozy area with plains, forest, rivers, streams and lakes.

Campanopolis is one of the unique sightings in Argentina, where you can rest well and shoot a beautiful photosession. Don’t miss this chance if you will come to Copa tournament and bring your civic Medieval costume or even fighting armor with you!

How to get there:

Campanopolis is located in 50 kilometers from De San Isidro Hippodrome in Buenos Aires, where Copa tournament will be held. You can use public transport but to go there by car will be much more convenient. Please note, that the village operates from 9 am until 1 pm on Saturdays only.

Photo taken from here

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