Waihora Battle: starting of the Buhurt League in New Zealand

01 Nov 2017 18:27

Waihora Battle will take place on 4th of November in New Zealand. The tournament has been added to the Buhurt League system. It means that all teams, registered in the League system, will start to earn points for the tournament.

“Everyone is excited about being part of the Buhurt League this year”, – David Briscoe, the organizer of the event, told.

David Briscoe:
“I think the League is a great development for our sport, and I believe it is very important to be part of it. I am hoping that being part of the League is going to push the tournament to a higher level, and encourage more teams to attend, particularly from outside New Zealand. I feel the system will bring more value to all tournaments in New Zealand”.

David Briscoe noted the simple and easy registration process that was and quick, a pleasure to do.

Everyone has heard a lot about picturesque New Zealand landscapes. And participants of Waihora Battle, 4 teams from throughout of the country, are lucky to compete on the farmland belong to David Briscoe, with views to mountains and native bush.

Along with the battles for grown-ups, the competitions for HMB juniors will be set up. It will be the first HMB soft fighting to be done in New Zealand. David Briscoe told: “I am running some HMB soft as well, and I have 8 entries, 4 in each soft age group 15-17 and 14-15. They are all very excited about taking part in the tournament”.

The tournament will start with “5 vs 5” battles in Buhurt category. Profights will be fought next, followed by “Sword and shield” category and finally “Longsword” duels. “HMB Soft” for juniors will be organized during breaks.

HMBIA News wishes all the participants to enjoy exciting combats on the Waihora Battle.

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1st-4th July
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