Vyshutin (Ukraine): “This year it was a bit more difficult and interesting.”

01 Dec 2016 12:58
Within the confines of the “Torneo del Montefeltro “Ardet ut Feriat” a seminar for the local fighters of the “Feltrio” HMB club took place in the Italian town of Urbino. The seminar was hosted by one the most famous fighters in the world, the fighter of the HMB club “Knyaz” (Kharkov, Ukraine), the fighter of the National team of Ukraine – Ilyas Vyshutin. HMBIA News had a conversation with Ilyas and found out some details. According to Mr. Vyshutin, this was not the first seminar which he had hosted for the Italians.

Ilyas Vyshutin:
“The seminar was conducted for the local club from Urbino, last year I had conducted a training for them and other fighters of National team of Italy. This resembled a training but with program developed by me. If last year the priority was the working out of basic elements, this year it was a bit more difficult and interesting. Usually I split the seminar or a training up into three parts. Namely the punching technique, wrestling and general physical training. Everything as it was last year with a bit more difficult exercises”.

According to the Italians, Ilyas’s seminar provided plenty of useful information for the further development of the sport in the country.

Gabrielle Tonucci, HMB club “Feltrio” captain:
“So, we had a training weekend with one of our bigggest friends, Ilias Vishutyn (Ukraine), who helped us to find a new way to train hard for this our beautiful sport”.

Ilyas Vyshutin is also satisfied with the results of the seminar:
“All in all, the Italians are very nice to work with, they are really open hearted and pleasant guys, who are always eager to learn something new. They are great! They possess the most important thing – a desire to learn!”


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