Vedran Podubski about the seminar in Slovenia: “… it was great”

11 Apr 2017 21:00
Seminar in Slovenia came to an end, so HMBIA News decided to ask Croatian representative that took part in it about his impressions. We had a little conversation with Vedran Podubski, and that is what he told us.

Vedran Podubski: “The seminar was a great experience. As my colleague and I are coming from a bit different background, we do full contact gladiatorial combat, and until now we did buhurt just as a hobby or side interest, it was great to be offered this chance to see and feel how do the “pro” fighters do it. Ivan and Andrey who lead the seminar – are great guys, ready to discuss everything and are great athletes and fighters”.

Vedran has been taking part in HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” for 3 years and he admires this sport.

Vedran Podubski: “Also I’ve been attending “Battle of the Nations” since 2014 (Trogir (Croatia) and then Prague for 2 years) as a member of the audience, so it was great to meet some fighters in person”.

We are glad, that such events as seminar in Slovenia gather peolpe from different countries and unite them. HMBIA News thanks Vedran Podubski for the interview and hopes to see him at the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” -2017 in Barcelona.


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