“Valois Tournament”-2017: how it was …

25 Sep 2017 11:32
Autumn in France started with an interesting tournament that brought together experienced fighters under the walls of the castle of the 14th century. The organizers of the tournament, the French club “Exactor Mortis”, tried their best – their first tournament went smoothly and will be remembered by many. The fights here were tough and principled, because the participants that came to the tournament were so serious – teams from “PLK” and “Partizan” from Russia, representatives of Canada, the British “White Company” and “UK Fed” 1 and 2 clubs.

The battles impressed anyone who saw it. There was no right to make a mistake – all the teams that participated in the tournament were high level of training. However, not a single woman took part in the tournament and there wasn`t battles in the nomination “3vs3″. However, the spectators were impressed with the fights in “5vs5″ and “All vs All” nominations!

The result of the competition was as follows: “5vs5″:

1. White Company (UK)

2. Bécuts de Gascogne 1 ?Bad Company” (France)

3. PLK (Russia)

4. UK Fed 1 (UK)

5. Partizan 2 (Russia)

6. Aquila Sequania (France)

7. La Confrérie des Loups (France)

8. Les Hommes du Nord (France)

9. UK Fed 2 (UK)

10. Les Comtois (France)

11/12 ex-aequo- Ar Groaz Du / Bécuts de Gascogne 2 “Toulouse All Stars” (France)

13. Martel 1 (France)

14. Exactor Mortis (France)

15. Les Bannerets d’Auvergne (France)

16/17 ex-aequo – La Lance Limousine / Martel 2 (France)

18. Les Chevaliers du Hainaut (forfait) (France)

The French Historical Medieval Battles Federation told us that the battles turned out to be interesting, and the results pleased the French so much.

French HMB Federation:
“Team Bécuts de Gascogne 1 « Bad Company » is to be congratulated first, as they manage to keep the first place at the French national clubs rating by finishing second at the Valois Tournament, after getting only 5th place in July in Saint-Germain l’Herm. Already at the group stage, the French beat the Russian Bears from “Partisan 2″ (club “Bern”), taking the psychological highground from the start. In the finals, the victory against the Russians from “PLK” was bright and clean, a beautiful throwback after the Tournament of the Citadel (Carcassonne), which was won by the latter. The match “White Company” VS “Bécuts de Gascogne” was very close; the fighters, of equal value, fought for a long time, leaving no place for mistakes, and it’s finally only on rule points that the victory came to the all white Brits. The group 3 was especially difficult, regrouping only dangerous teams, and it did not allow famous ones like the “Comtois”, “Martel” and “Hommes du Nord” to proceed to the finals”.

After complex fights in the nomination “5vs5″, the athletes gathered and went out in the list for a fight in one of the most spectacular categories “All vs All”. These were really exciting fights – the battle of the Titans!

According to the organizers, the atmosphere at the tournament was solemn, and the participants and guests of the event appreciated the infrastructure and beauty of the castle and its environs.

HMBIA News congratulates the club “Exactor Mortis” with a successful tournament and hopes that it can be traditional for France and even more massive.

Photos by Loïc Morize


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