Valentin Zerr about the Marshal`s job

28 Apr 2018 18:41
Not only a fighter should be in a good shape, Marshals have to be ready as well. They also must keep their professional skills on a high level. Of course, it`s higly important before such a tough tournament as the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”! Today we will tell you, how the Marshal from Germany Valentin Zerr prepares for the most important HMB tournament of the year.

Valentin said that he constantly works on himself: as a practitioner in tournaments and, also, devotes much time to the theory.

Valentin Zerr:
“Of course, I try to keep abreast of the current changes in rules, so I`m trying to keep in touch with colleagues and the leadership of the Marshal’s committee. I usually reread rules, watch videos of fights. I try to track the situation in the lists and look at the reaction of the judges on the spot … I’m scrolling my work in my mind. Sometimes I think about the decisions made in critical situations … I think if the decision that I made in some situation was right? I often restore the picture of the fight in my head and repeat mentally my three rules of the work”.

According to Valentine, he worked out these three rules in order to maintain vigilance, attention and objectivity for himself. These rules are:
1. Always watch where the fighters are in the list and where your colleagues are. Be where your eyes are most needed;
2. Check the condition of fighters armor with a quick look;
3. Follow the fighter`s actions and monitor violations.

Valentin Zerr:
“These three points in such order I repeat for myself in the process of work. This helps me not to lose my cheerfulness, vigilance and do not get hung up on one thing, leaving all the rest without attention”.

The work of the Marshal is not easy. But this work is necessary. An attentive and objective judge, who has noticed a breach or a problem with a fighter’s armor in time, can save him from trouble. However, what kind of Marshal should be on Valentine`s opinion?

Valentin Zerr:
“First of all, the Marshal should want to be fair and strive for this, however, I often try to put myself in a certain situation in the place of a fighter – it helps to understand the situation and understand it. At the same time, the judge must be very cool and keep neutrality. In a difficult situation not to get lost, but to take the only right decision”.

As we see, in HMB-sport there are no weak and defenseless people. Each participant of the HMB movement is a tough, strong-willed, responsible, and even venturesome, person. And it’s great that HMB tournaments reigns with an atmosphere of respect and goodwill that encourages everyone to do their job qualitatively and with a soul!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania