Unforgettable gift for the anniversary of Battle of the Nations

11 Apr 2019 18:19
The organizers of the 10th HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations prepared a gift for all participants of the tournament! On May 5 in the evening, in honor of the jubilee Championship closing, a grandiose concert will be held, the headliner of which will be the Irdorath – fantasy folk band.

Here, warmed by the hospitality of the Serbian land, all participants of “Battle of the Nations” -2019, regardless of nationality, together, with a single impulse, can throw off the burden of stress and fatigue after exhausting and hard fights under the charming and fascinating melodies of the Irdorath.

Irdorath is not just a musical band, it is a whole universe! Having heard their music once, it’s already impossible to forget it!

Irdorath is a project from Belarus, which creates its own musical world: noble and wild, dark and exciting, filled with Slavic legends, echoes of the Middle Ages and folk music of different nations. The band is firmly entrenched in the status as headliner at historical, folk and ethno festivals. Now Irdorath is actively touring through Europe, conquering new territories with their show.

The performance of Irdorath is made up of equally strong music and visual appearance. The sound is based on aggressive medieval bagpipes, a powerful double drum set, the specific voice of a hurdy gurdy, the sound of cello and bouzouki, as well as memorable vocals. From a visual point of view, this is complemented by images of musicians, who already became a brand, and large-scale decorations (like the three-meter dragon wings on the stage).

On the wings of the Dragon, forward to the Stars!

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania