Unbelievable 30vs30: tough, fun and shocking

21 May 2019 23:26
A new mass nomination for the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019 caused a huge stir before the start of the fighting and a lot of enthusiasm after it. Teams from different countries united in alliances, which made the fights even more interesting. Right after one of the fights in this nomination, our journalist spoke to Mikael Wolkonski – a fighter from Sweden who fought under under the finnish flag. The athlete shared his short but very positive and emotional comment with us:

“It was great, it was really fun. We fought 30 vs 30 and it was tough, it was sweaty, it was fun. The most expected opponent for me was Poland. I`d like to meet them as I`m Polish myself and it was fun to meet them”.

This fight was really like a piece of art as 2 experienced and passionate teams entered the lists and did everything possible to be better, to make fans proud of them and to get inspiration for the long and hard work of self improvement and further development of HMB sport in their countries.
The audience that came to Smederevo fortress these days was impressed and a bit shocked by the impressive fights in this mass category. One of the spectators from Serbia who  watched 30 vs 30 fights from the stands told us that it was the most impressive sight of the year for him.
We share the same feeling and can’t wait the opportunity to see such large scale battle again!

Photos by Dusan Stankovic
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania