Ukrainian-Finnish friendship 3×3

01 May 2017 16:15
Third day of the Championship of the world in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2017 is filled with events. One of the most expected category today – are female buhurts 3×3. Fight Ukraine-Finland drawn a lot of attention. The girls were supported and given advice by even the representatives of other countries. The battle was long and tough, but also exciting and emotional. Girls-opponents are content with the battle, they told a bit about their impressions to our HMBIA News journalist.

Roosa Aaltonen (Finland): “It was really tough! I`m very happy for this fight. It was really eye opening to all of us. The fight was really good I think. Ukrainian girls were really good. They were working as a team, they were working like a very effective team. They functioned well together. I`m really happy for my own team – it was only 3 Finnish girls and 1, the mercenary. I`m really happy how well we did it! I can say that this year we are better the than last, so I’m sure that next year, we’ll improve our skills and show even better results”.

Exhausted and happy winners – Ukrainian girls worked very well to win the Finnish team. But they did it!

Karina Timchenko (Ukraine): “The battle was very interesting and tough. We knew that it is hard to perform in 3’s. We were preparing for the victory. In the first wave we lost, but then we made some rearrangements and won. Finnish team was very tough, I think that in the future they will make huge progress and claim a lot of prizes”.

Finnish fighter Roosa expressed sincere admiration of the battle during the conversation with Karina. Girls, smiling sincerely, hugged each other and wished lots of victories to one another!

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