Ukraine-USA 5×5: exciting battle!

30 Apr 2017 14:24

National teams of Ukraine and USA met on the list in 5×5 category. The battle was interesting, dynamic and complex. Ukrainian team got yellow card from marshals. However, that did not affect battle’s ending. HMBIA News talked to the captains of both sides.

Ilias Vyshutin, captain of the national team of Ukraine: “Guys did great, showed their best during the battle, I’m proud of them. I think other guys liked the battle as well”.

Captain of the National team of USA Harvey Palmer said a few words about the battle too.

Harvey Palmer, captain of the National team of USA: “they did very well, they are exelent fighters, they dont need to do things that will get them card to win. that`s my opinion”.

Anything can happen in the heat of the battle. Regardless of the end result, there is no better feeling than be a decent opponent during the battle. Such fights leave great impressions as among the participants, so among spectators.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania