Ukraine began to form the team for BotN 2021

22 Jan 2021 14:17

Ukraine has begun to form a team to participate in the World Championship in HMB Battle of the Nations 2021, which will be held in Romania in July. The qualifying stages will begin with a national tournament in duel categories.

As it was already announced in the official Facebook of the HMB Ukraine team that on February, 13 in the city of Vinnytsia there will be fights in the Shield and Sword, Sword and Buckler and Longsword categories  among men and women. In February, 14 fighters for the Polearm category among women and men and profights in all weight categories, also among men and women, will be selected here. The fighters who took first places in their categories will be included in the HMB Ukraine team.


According to Valeriy Vozniuk, the current captain of the HMB Ukraine team, it is planned that in April a number of tournaments for 5 vs 5 and 12 vs 12 group categories will be held. According to the results of these tournaments, the teams that took the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in 5 vs 5 battles and the squad that won the 12 vs 12 fights will take their places in the team.

In addition, the formed team will elect a captain. The new captain of the HMB Ukraine team in 2021 will be announced in the following publications.

So far, we cannot name the fighters who will represent Ukraine at the World Championship, but today we can say with confidence that they will be perfectly trained, motivated and loving HMB athletes who will undoubtedly show tough, exciting and technical fights!


The HMBIA News editors are looking forward to the opportunity to see these brave HMB athletes at the main lists of the world in July, 2021.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania