UK vs Slovenia: surprises and strikes

04 May 2018 15:04
UK met Slovenia in the lists of “Battle of the Nations”-2018 in the “5 vs 5″ buhurt category. Jure Kutnar, a captain of the National Team of Slovenia told that it was a challenge for his team, because they don’t have so much opportunities to fight, but they are satisfied with the team in their group. They are strong and skillful fighters: “We did our best. This year was very good, because we taught more, and we know that we train a lot”.
The UK team is experienced HMB athletes, nevertheless they fought with Slovenia for the first time and this fight was tough.

Edd Bamber from the UK team fought against Slovenes: “They are skillful fighters. They have got quite strong head punches and sword strikes…”.

Jure Kutnar also mentioned that his team can surprise: “Because nobody knows us, and we are trying to surprise everybody with our skills and our country”.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania