Training process: how to become an effective poleaxe-fighter

01 Nov 2017 14:56
An poleaxe is not a simple weapon to work with. In battles on poleaxes hits are much tougher, and the fights are quite aggressive. What do you need to know about combats with this interesting ponderous weapon? Skillful poleaxe-fighters share tips and personal experience of such fights.

Ilias Vyshutin, the fighter of “Knyaz” Ukrainian club, started to deal with a poleaxe in 2013. He gained experience in numerous fights and now he is ready to reveal some secrets:

“It is important to be able to leave from the attack line. Move aside, step back. It often happens when a fighter looks at a poleaxe, it hypnotizes him and he can’t move. As a result, the more experienced rival makes a hit on his helmet easily”.

An effective poleaxe-fighter must have skills to change hands position. Here is what Ilias advises:

“When you are standing in an attacking position and keeping your weapon on extended arms, your fingers are open for a fell. And you can get it for sure. To prevent hitting your fingers, you need to bend your arms slightly in the elbows and turn the wrist kinda closer to your body. It seems like a simple thing, but not everyone realizes it. In general, choosing the right position for a poleaxe, you can effectively defend yourself and also effectively attack rivals”.

A working-style feature with this polearm weapon is using muscles of the back. Ilias says: “If you just hit with your hands – it’s a stroke, not a real hit. In poleaxe battle it is necessary to use the whole body, especially back. Besides, you need to be able to turn around properly, swing not to grapnel your comrades behind, and be able to change the polearm position in time”.

Tim Martin, a fighter of «Northern Wolves» club from Great Britain, complemented his tips:

“A lot of power required for a poleaxe, comes from the lower -back muscles, so I always advise people to develop these muscles and use their power”. It is clear that it is difficult to handle with a poleaxe and calculate the point of hit. But Tim says that if you can’t hit where you want to, you’re just wasting time.

Teamwork is a pledge of victory in buhurt fights. You shouldn’t stand and think whom to strike first and then. For an effective attack, you need to do continuous strikes. But the most important trick is hitting with 2-3 poleaxes in one point (rival). Teamwork is the most effective one. Tim says he usually avoids “one-on-one” wrestling in the list: “My teammates are immobilizing people, so that I can hit”.

Tim has a 3-year-experience in the polearm fighting. He describes his beautiful: “It was one of the duels on ”Dynamo Cup – 2016”. After throwing a guy I ran across the lists and in 2 quick shots took down one fighter, who was grappling and then moved off to another and got him down.

Another one was on the “Le Tournoi Des Flandres -2016” tournament, where I took 2 guys down within 5 seconds of each other. The second one was being knockout through his 3mm mild steel helmet with one hit”.

At the end, we would like to emphasize that both fighters are doing 1-2 training sessions per month for the practice with a poleaxe.

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