Training practices: how to increase your fighting speed?

10 Nov 2017 18:37
Fast, strong, falling down one by one hits are a very important part of each really spectacular combat! These high-speed combats are popular both with fighters and spectators. But it is not always come with success to show a good speed during all combating day and didn’t lower it even at the end of competition. We asked for expert advice, concerning working out on increasing speed.

Ilias Vyshutin, the Ukrainian team captain and the coach of “Knyaz” club, shared his experience:

“Speed directly depends on your endurance. For this, you need to do intensive training and systematically work on the key insights.

Do reps, using the explosive power. For example, you do some reps in the normal course for 45 seconds and then you “exploding” for 15 seconds – do it as fast as you can. After this you can split 1 minute into 2-3 intervals working with “explode”. This method can be practiced in pairs with soft armor and on a punch bag with steel weapons.

One more method of increasing endurance is the intense round training, when you repeat a set of rips 5-6 times, sometimes using a stopwatch.

Aside from that, trainings should be various and include warming up, wrestling, hitting practice in pairs with soft armor. At the end – general physical buildup for keeping general “tonus”.

How often should you do training to become a real ‘’fighting machine’’? According to the Ilias’s experience, 3 times a week training will be enough only to be a regular fighter, to be able to run, hit and wrestle reasonably good. The next level is to make yourself a self-dependent fighting unit! Do training 5-6 times a week, add other kinds of sport to your schedule – and you will be an endurance and dangerous fighter, who is hitting hard and moving fast, and can take down a lot of rivals.

The “Iron Phoenix” club from the USA has shown a considerable progress and professional growing-up in 2017. We asked about secrets of training its captain and the USA team captain Harvey Palmer (well-known as “Aveloc Twiceborn”):

“I believe fortitude and endurance are critical factors in a buhurt combat. Training them takes years of effort, and everybody knows that the mental condition is as important as physical one. Regular intense interval workouts combined with all manner of work in harness is my main method. You should be as comfortable in your armor as you are in your casual clothes”.

HMBIA News express its gratitude to the captains for sharing training secrets!

You may read the most interesting tips concerning how to become the best fighter in our next publications.


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