Tournoi des Flandres-2018: results of one of the biggest tournament in the Western Europe

13 Nov 2018 23:21
The French buhurt season came to an end in spectacular fashion! The now famous Tournoi des Flandres was held on November,3-4 in the city of Tourcoing. 140 fighters from France, UK, Ukraine, Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland came here to emerge as the strongest.

HMBIA News asked Fabien Majchrzak, a member of the organization team to tell us about the tournament in detail.

Fabien Majchrzak:
“So, it was the 4th edition of this tournament. We have had The 5v5 tournament organized on 2 days. On Saturday, 2 pools of 8 teams had fought. The 4 best teams were qualified for the top finals on Sunday. But the 4 last teams could also continue to fight for places from 9 to 16 in kind of finals on Sunday too. Tournoi des Flandres had Buhurt Challenger status so it was the last chance for french team to earn some last points for the national ranking”.

Fabien pointed out that during the event all the teams, including the newest, had the opportunity to fight in finals for a better ranking against teams of the same level. Even small teams can get crucial experience and fight hard in this tournament.

By the end of the tournament, the results were:
1. Ayna Bera (Ukraine)
2. Invicta (UK)
3. Les Hommes du Nord (France).

Also, there were “3 vs 3″ female fights with 3 teams and Profights.
In the 3 vs 3 category each team got one victory. Ranking on points:
1 Lionnes du Nord (FR)
2 Leoni Rhodani (Switzerland)
3 Dies Irae (Fr)

Besides the tournament, there were a medieval market and HMB Soft area for the younger generations.

Tournoi des Flandres is one of the biggest and longest standing tournament in Western Europe, which takes place every year with 16 teams from many countries.

Fabien Majchrzak:
“Last year we even had 20 teams but this time our event coincided with the Dynamo Cup-2018 in Moscow. It was was a huge competition for us”.

Of course they stood this test with dignity and held a great tournament with strong participants and interesting fights. The spectators and the fighters themselves were delighted and inspired with this event.

One point of interest was that the city mayor was very pleased with this event and really wants it to continue. According to Fabien, it is a lot of work to organize it but they hope to make the 5th edition next year.

HMBIA News editorial office is sure that all the next years tournament will be tougher and bigger.

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1st-4th July
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