Tough days in Argentina: Buhurt League Challenger is coming

26 Oct 2018 12:57

III Torneo de Combate Medieval en Mendoza is one of the most expected HMB events of the year in Argentina. This year the tournament will take place in October, 27-28 in the City of Mendoza. According to Miguel García from “Guardianes del Oeste” team, member of the organizing committee, there will be participants from Argentina and Chile, gathering about 40 fighters. III Torneo de Combate Medieval en Mendoza has Buhurt League Challenger status.

During the event there will be fights in all duel categories for male and female such as “Longsword”, “Sword and Buckler”, “Sword and Shield” ,”Polearm” and “5 vs 5″ male buhurt.

Also audience will have an opportunity to visit the medieval fair, buy something special from handicraftsmen, have a snack in the food court area and have a great time listening live music.

This weekend will be awesome! Visit the III Torneo de Combate Medieval en Mendoza!


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