Torneo Medieval de Calaveras-2018 in Mexico: 4 years of brutality

08 Nov 2018 22:05
This year Mexico held one of the biggest National HMB event – Torneo Medieval de Calaveras – 2018 for the 4th time. The event got Buhurt League Challenger status. Athletes from Australia, Austria, USA, Mexico and 2 legionnaires from Ukraine and Argentina came here to fight and to win. Oscar de la Parra, Captain of “Hermandad Medieval de Aiuascalientes” HMB club and the head organizer of the tournament shared with HMBIA News all details of the competition.
Torneo Medieval de Calaveras – 2018 took place on November, 2-4 in Aguascalientes city and it was really worth seeing!

Oscar de la Parra:
“This was our 4th time organizing the Calaveras Medieval Tournament, and as always, we are trying to improve upon the previous year. For the first time, we had professional live stream. The venue became filled with spectators who cheered enthusiastically for the competitors”.

This ardent support of the fighters by the audience can be understood. After all, the strong and experienced teams entered the list of the tournament these days and all of them were aimed only at winning.

The Tournament had the following categories:
– Buhurt 5 vs 5 (10 teams participating)
– Sword & Shield (12 fighters participating)
– Longsword (9 fighters participating)
– Polearm (6 fighters participating)
– Profight (8 fighters participating, divided between light and heavyweight).

Also they had 3 vs 3 female buhurt exhibition, and the Grand Melee fights which is actually All vs All – the traditional final event Torneo Medieval de Calaveras since its first edition in 2015.

The results for Buhurt 5 vs 5 were as follows:
1st: ACM Rage Foxes (with collaboration from Ukraine and Argentina)
2nd: ACM 1, an excellent team with strong and experienced Mexican fighters
3rd: The White Devils, an alliance of fighters of different clubs from Australia, Austria, USA, and Mexico.

Oscar also told that the local government was very pleased with the tournament and they have an interest to develop and popularize HMB sport in Aguascalientes more active.

Oscar de la Parra:
“One of our hopes is that given the growing popularity of our Torneo Medieval de Calaveras, we may engage sponsors and partners in the future”.

Also organizers with all their hospitality hope that fighters felt welcome and that they are happy to come to Mexico, to Aguascalientes city for the tournament.

HMBIA News congratulate winners and sure that the longest standing HMB Rules Tournament in Mexico Torneo Medieval de Calaveras will be more popular and wide scale year to year.


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1st-4th July
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