“Torneo Medieval de Calaveras”- 2017 impressions and results

02 Nov 2017 19:57
The end of October will stay in memory of many HMB-fighters because October, 28-29 Mexico held on of the biggest National tournament. There came to partcipate sportsmen from all the country. Oscar de la Parra, Captain of “Hermandad Medieval de Aiuascalientes” HMB-club and head organizer of the “Calaveras Medieval Tournament”-2017 had a conversation with HMBIA News. He told us that this is the 3-rd time of the “Calaveras Medieval Tournament” and the first and the longest standing HMB-Rules Tournament in Mexico.

Oscar de la Parra:
“We are glad and honored to be the place where most Mexican fighters come to. It was amazing to host 8 full teams for the first time in Mexico. The support we had from our national organizaton ACM was extraordinary, and the spirit of all fighters made it all worth it. As organizers, we believe that this sport will be growing at a steady pace.”

There were such categories as:
– “1vs1″ Triathlon
– “5vs5″ Buhurt
– “All vs All”
And “Rookies of the Year” Award.

And here the results of the fihts:
Duels – all 3 medals went to “Asociación de Combate Medieval de CDMX”.
– Bronze – Youatzin Rodríguez Barrios
– Silver – Andrew Castañón Martinez
– Gold – Ulisses Martinez Herrera

Buhurt 5v5:
– Rookies of the Year Award – Hermandad Medieval de Aiuascalientes 2 (4th place)
– Bronze – “Hermandad Medieval de Aiuascalientes 1″ (3rd place)
– Silver- “Slavyansikye Voiny” 1 (2nd place)
– Gold, “Asociacion de Combate Medieval de CDMX” 1 (1st place).

All vs All:
– Bronze – Luís Bruno Martinez from “Hermandad Medieval de Aiuascalientes” 2
– Silver – Aniel Estrada Bonilla from “Slavyanskiye Voiny”
– Gold- Felipe Rodrgiuez Santoyo from “Hermandad Medieval de Aiuascalientes” 1

Oscar also told us that there were 2 legionnaires from other countries – from Ukraine and Argentina. Both of them fought as mercenaries for Asociación de Combate Medieval de CDMX 1. Wellknown argentinian fighter Marcos Villani, who partcipated in tournament, gave HMBIA News a short interview and told us about his impressions after the tournament.

Marcos Villani:
“For me it was an honour they let me be part of this team. There was a beautful tournament fulled with friends. The fighters of every team fought so clean and with honor. The Mexican Associaton of Medieval Combat gave us everything we needed and so we had a good time”.

As we already mentioned, orgteam of the tournament tried to give all the opportunites for audience to feel the Medieval atmosphere – as the entrance was free for everybody, visitors could find there the Medieval fair and different family actvites like games, workshops, saw authentic medieval costumes, made great photos with fighters in armor, tried this armor by themselves, tasted food of vendors and craf beer brewers.

As we can see, Oscar de la Parra and his team did a good job and they got great results – this tournament will stay in memory of sportsmen and audience for a long long time. HMBIA News wish them success in their work for many years and can`t wait to see the Natonal team of Mexico at the lists of HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations”-2018 in Italy.

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