Thoughts about World Championship “HMB Soft” from Polish and Turkish clubs

31 Oct 2017 18:45
The World Championship in HMB Soft will take place soon – on 25th of November in Prague. Juniors and trainers make the last, the most important preparations. The HMB country-veteran Poland and the country, newly coming to this movement, – Turkey are among countries which will send students to the Championship! How are they now? What is their expectation from the event?
Coaches emphasize the big role of the travel and new friendships for students who will participate in the Championship.

Viktoria Olesh, the trainer of Polish club “Orzesze Niepokorni”, told:

“For our club that’s greaten happiness to take part in the World ?hampionship. We are proud that we can participate and fight with children from other countries and represent our club, town, and country! For our kids that is a chance to learn something new about fighting, meet old, make new friends and see a little piece of this big world!”

Burak Yarar and Ates Erdogan, trainers of Turkish HMB club “Burkut” will send to the Championship only 1 young. “Everything good starts with 1st step”, – they said. For coaches it is a good chance to look at the results of their work:

“This is the first year for us, we do expect our member to win the respect of his fellow fighters and other instructors from all over the world. We expect him to do his best and enjoy his participation to the fullest so that everybody including us as a club can benefit from his time in the tournament. Events like these are big eye openers for the attendees. We will see where we need improvement and where we do good for the past months, and of course, it is our wish to contribute to the movement as best as we can”.

The championship will be a good example for the next generation of children who will join HMB movement one day. One of the biggest Turkish HMB goals is to send a female fighter as well and they are hoping for next year.

Poland will send to the Championship 8 students from club “Niepokorni Orzesze”. Their coach Victoria is still HMB-junior but trains children as the main trainer. Currently, she has already developed her own approach to the training process:

“We teach our children all rules! That’s very important before the Championship! We remind them some tricks, effective hits and dodge. We train a lot of moving in lists and we show how to fight if your opponent has some kind of advantage – height, weight, speed”.

The main buildup secrets from Burak and Ates before Championship in Prague is to train in different weather conditions and by different rules:

“We are constantly training with soft equipment with different rule sets and in different weather circumstances. This is how we learned from some of the best instructors, so we are following in their footsteps. And with the tournament in mind, the motivation and mindsets have increased drastically, along with the performance in each training session. Arena is the best rehearsal, so this experience will be helpful in future for the kids and of course for ourselves”.

HMBIA News thanks the trainers for informative interviews and wishes successful performances at the World Championship “HMB Soft” in Prague.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania