The UK has already formed its National Team and is willing to fight!

28 Mar 2018 17:10

The British Buhurt Federation has already announced the UK representatives at the World Championship in HMB “Battle of the Nations”-2018 in Rome. It is important to mention that this year the selections in the UK were the Buhurt League event!

So, here are the winners in all categories:
Men’s duels:

“Sword and Shield” – Lukas Kowal
“Longsword” – Daniel Winter
“Sword and Buckler” – John Quayle
“Polearm” – Pawe? Kurzak

Women’s duels:
“Sword and Shield” – Irina Bolshakova
“Longsword” – Sofie Maceanruig
“Sword and Buckler” – Rosy Morton
“Polearm” – Cat Booth

Men’s 5v5 buhurts:
“White Company” – UK-1
“The UK Fed” Primus – UK-2
“Battle Heritage” and “The UK Fed” – UK-3

Women’s 5v5 buhurt team – “Swords Of Cygnus”

Profight weight categories:
Up to 75kg – Pasha Truelove
75kg to 85kg – Lukas Kowal
85kg to 95kg – Daniel Winter
Over 95kg – Theofil Masniak

Daniel Winter became a captain of the National Team of the UK.

Antony Lamsdell, the President of the British Buhurt Federation noticed that he is proud of the fighting level of the competitors and saw the great improvement of the HMB sport in general: “I was very happy with the energy shown during selections. There was good spirit between competitors and an incredibly positive outcome for the UK. We have seen a marked improvement across a number of teams since last battle of the nations. We have new fighters, new energy and good progress across the board. I am especially impressed by the development within the women’s duels categories and I am confident we will see a great showing from them at the “Battle of the Nations”-2018″.

Antony was impressed with the work done by Lukas Kowal in organizing the qualifying tournament and developing the National Team over the last year. This work has been invaluable and Antony is sure that the new captain, Daniel Winter, will continue such an outstanding work.

Mr. Lamsdell also congratulated everyone who received an honor to represent their country this year.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania