The true warrior spirit of Mexicans

16 May 2019 17:34
The National team of Mexico enjoyed all 4 days of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019. They fought every day and this experience is priceless. Mexicans took part in buhurt 5 vs 5, a category that they’ve liked for many years, and mass battles. These brave warriors entered the list and fought in all the categories that they could. Edgardo Andres Lopez Sanchez from Mexico shared with HMBIA News his impressions after the end of the Championship:
“It was amazing! Organization was very very good,even if there was rain or cold wind, our spirits were indestructible. We were so happy all the time, all these exciting new categories had us very pumped all the time and we fought almost every day! Especially the 150 vs 150 fights were one of the most amazing experiences we ever had”.

The preparations for the Battle of the Nations, the passion for HMB, as well as the experience of previous championships helped to make a real team out of individual fighters:

“We developed as a team. Thank you Serbia! We managed  to grow a little bit. I still love 5vs5 and 150 vs 150 was amazing to participate in”.

We thank the Mexican team for their spectacular fights and shining smiles.

Photo by: Talaga
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania