The tempering of a top team

06 Jun 2019 14:34
At the World Championships in HMB, Battle of the Nations, we saw a team that consisted  of different fighters from different clubs. They were from different cities of the same country. However, despite these obstacles this team worked together as one. They operated as if they were mentally connected. It was a thing of magic.
HMBIA News spoke to Marina Golovina, one of the fighters from this phenomenal Russian women’s 5 vs 5 team. She told us about teamwork, finding a common language and other interesting aspects of making a world class team.

It wasn’t the first time the women from Russia took the women’s 5 vs 5 gold at the World Championship in HMB Battle of the Nations. Today we will lift the veil of secrecy from their preparation for the Championship.

The Russian women’s national team doesn’t meet often before the tournaments and during these few team trainings the girls work out the battle schemes:
“We try to make the most of our joint training time. Sometimes, during the training session, joint training lasts 4 hours. Then a short break and again a few hours of hard training. So here a common goal and a team spirit are born. ”
It is worth noting that these ladies, for the most part, have known each other for a long time and had many fights together. Before the start of the battle, the team adheres to a set of unwritten rules. For example, respecting the sisters in arms and realizing that the team fighters represent different clubs, each of them has the opportunity to tune in and concentrate in peace and silence before the fight.

“We try not to bother each other. Everything is very personal. If all of us practiced together and lived in one city, then, probably, there would be some sort of ritual or tradition”.

After the battle, the team can relax and show emotions, often we see hugs, congratulations, lively discussion of the battles and, of course, communication with the opposing team. Here, too, there are hugs, joy and support.

Everyone understands that serious trainings, sparring and training come before a tournament, but the viewer does not see them. At the Championship there will be only exciting matches of the strongest teams.
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania