The return of “Mendoza HMB Tournament”

27 Oct 2017 12:52
The “2° Torneo Mendocino de Combate Medieval” is the second HMB tournament held in the argentinian city of Mendoza. And we can see that it is becoming a tradition. In Mendoza, teams gathered from all over the Argentina, with several teams from Chile also participating. It was also the first time there was a medieval fair along with the tournament in Mendoza.

Sportsmen fought in many nominations. There were:
1vs1 categories: “Longsword”, “Sword and Buckler”, “Poleaxe”, “Sword and Shield” for male and “Longsword”, “Sword and Shield” for female and “5vs5″ Buhurts.

Also there were a few friendly profights and “Capture the Flag”. It was the first tournament for several fighters as well.

Miguel Garcia, member of tournament orgcommittee:
“This is the second tournament we held in Mendoza. I think we had great fights, great weather, the people loved it. There is little medieval-like events in Mendoza, so it always draws lots of public”.

So here are the results of the tournament:

Male “Longsword”
1) Ezequiel Cavallin (Draconem Clan)
2) Matías Gonzalez (Batallón Draconia)
3) Miguel García (Guardianes del Oeste)

Female “Longsword”
1) Paula Miauro (CECM)
2) Karla Gatica (Batallón Draconia)
3) Mayra Gandolfo (Guardianes del Oeste)

Male “Sword & Buckler”
1) Facundo López (CECM)
2) Emmanuel Cavallin (Draconem Clan)
3) Mariano Bertona (Guardianes del Oeste)

Male “Sword & Shield”
1) Facundo López (CECM)
2) Ezequiel Farjat (Draconem Clan)
3) Augusto Heras (Guardianes del Oeste)

Female “Sword & Shield”
1) Paula Miauro (CECM)
2) Karla Gatica (Batallón Draconia)
3) Mayra Gandolfo (Guardianes del Oeste)

Male “Poleaxe”
1) Ezequiel Cavallin (Draconem Clan)
2) Mariano Bertona (Guardianes del Oeste)
3) Hector Simes (Draconem Clan)

Male Buhurt “5vs5″
1) Draconem Clan
2) Coalisión (Orden del Fuego, CECM, Quirquincho)
3) Batallón Draconia

Miguel Garcia:
“I`m planning to organize such event next year. In other cities in Argentina you have two or three tournaments per year. We are the only team in the city, so its difficult. But we want to at least have one full size tournament every year and try to organize little, more local tournaments, in between”.

So we can see that Miguel Garcia and his team have a great future plans. HMBIA News hopes that next year we could write the results of the third HMB tournament in the beautiful Argentinian city of Mendoza. Our editorial office thanks the photographer Fernando V. Ferrando for his talented work.

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