The results of the first open HMB Soft Cup of Germany

26 Mar 2018 17:16

Ganspe (Lower Saxony) hosted the first open HMB Soft Cup of Germany on March 17-18, 2018. The tournament was attended by the teams from Germany and Russia. There were the accredited HMB Soft Marshals on the event – Sergey Myasishchev, Ali Askerov and Maxim Sinelnikov.

Here you can find the results of the fights in all categories:

Age category 12-13 years (boys):
1. Rodion Sobolevsky (GER)
2. Michael Motovilov (GER)
3. Helge Borgwardt (GER)

Age category 14-15 years:
1. Maline Trammer (GER)
1. Pascal Bruckner (GER)

Age category 16-17 years:
1. Michail Fatov (RU)
2. Erik Okkel (GER)

Also, there were duel competitions according to the rules of the German sports organization MSVK for athletes under the age of 12 years.

The results of the battles, according to MSVK, in the age category of 10-11 years:
1. Tristan Tegge (GER)
2. Konstantin Trammer (GER)
3. Levin Rose (GER)

Furthermore, friendly team competitions were held according to the rules of the Sport Sword Federation. Here are the results of this category:

1. Team “Dragonforce“ – Michael Fatov (RU), Rodion Sobolevsky (GER), Levin Rose (GER).
2. Team “Black Panters“ – Erik Okkel (GER), Michael Motovilov (GER), Konstantin Trammer (GER).
3. Team “Red Dragons“ – Pascal Bruckner (GER), Helge Borgwardt (GER), Tristan Tegge (GER).

There was an HMB Soft workshop, held by Sergey Myasishchev with the support of Ali Askerov and Maxim Sinelnikov, on Sunday, March 18, 2018.

According to the organizational team of the event, there was a real fete of sports, which was held in a beautiful atmosphere of friendship and sporting excitement.


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