The new structure of the Authenticity Committee

29 Sep 2018 14:55

In the course of the report to the Authenticity Committee representative Evgeniy Baranov, spoke of a plan to improve the structure of the committee itself. From this time the main organs of the committee will be Authenticity Masters. They are those primarily responsible for new and ongoing Authenticity Committee projects. Masters can be chosen based on professional qualification or on work experience matured on the field in the HMBIA movement and will have the authority to make decisions, subordinate to the Head of the Committee, confirm or deny the historical reference for all of the countries that are involved in the movement.

They will be responsible for the sharing of information, internal communication, development and the safeguarding of all issues concerning the Authenticity Committee. Authenticity Masters shall carry out surveillance relating to regulations put in place and participate in the drafting of historical regulations. Such specialists are the main determiners of legitimate standards in all matters regarding authenticity at HMBIA accredited events such as BotN, tournaments, etc.

There will be the special team of the Authenticity Officers who will be chosen from the HMBIA marshals to assist in the implementation of authenticity standards. Such a group shall be chosen based on professional qualification and on work experience matured on the field within the HMB movement.

And the last but not the least specialists in the structure are Authenticity Experts who are the HMBIA officers and have the authority to carry out the examination of armor and weapons, to issue a certificate of authenticity.

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