The National team of Ukraine is ready to fight!

06 Apr 2017 18:36
On 4 February 2017 the qualifying stages for the National HMB team of Ukraine in Kyiv came to an end.

According to Ilyas Vishutin, captain of the National team of Ukraine, 14 teams took part in 5×5 nomination and 3 teams in 21×21. Ilyas was chosen a team’s captain.

The captain confessed that aside from happiness and honor for such high status, he is also understands that it calls for responsibility.

Ilyas Vishutin: “Last year, I tried to help the fighters some way or another and I worried for everyone to leave the list without any injuries. Do we have a strategy? Only one – to win everyone! Everything else is a military secret’.

HMBIA News would like to wish the Ukrainian team and its captain success!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania