The National team of Canada is ready for the Championship!

19 Apr 2019 21:51
A lot of practice and analysis of past battles – this is what the participants and the leadership of the National Team of Canada have done to be ready for the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations 2019. In order to be prepared for the championship, Canadians practiced teamwork, developed combat tactics, did a lot of martial arts, did strength exercises, and analyzed their performance at Dynamo Cup and other buhurt tournaments in which their fighters took part  this season. This year, representatives of Canada are participating in the men’s 5 vs 5, 150 vs 150 mass battles and duels.
Greg Polevoy, a captain of the National Team of Canada:
“We hope to reach the quarter-finals in the fives. This is quite realistic, because this year the team included fighters with experience and a very good level of training. But it is a sport and anything can happen. Many factors affect the state of the team at the time of performance. In particular, the adaptation factor after the flight, climate change, stress, etc., so this is a lottery.”
Of the newcomers to the national team this year, only one girl who makes her debut in the top five for the Polish national team and tries herself in duels in the nomination “Sword and Buckler”.

The captain of the team confessed that there are several teams that Canadians would love to meet at the lists. Among them are the national team of Israel and the UK. Also, the guys from Canada would be interested to meet with the Russian national team. However, Greg Polevoy in the course of the interview focused on the fact that the National Team of Canada treats all participants of the HMB World Championship “Battle of the Nations” with equal respect and that fighting with any team is valuable for them.

With whom the Canadian national team is going to fight within their group, we already know, thanks to the previously published draw results of the Buhurt categories. And if Canadians realize their plans, we will find out in just 2 weeks at the tenth anniversary HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations in Serbia.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania