The most discussed issue of the conference

09 Dec 2019 09:14
During the Buhurt League conference, one of the most discussed issue was the problem of working with sponsors for organizing HMB tournaments and supporting such events by local authorities. A problem such as lack of funding is faced by many organizers.
Using the example of 3 large-scale festivals, Nadezhda Orlova, the financial director of the Courage of Ages organization, spoke about their experience of such work. We are talking about the REKON, Battle on the Neva festivals held in St. Petersburg and the St. Olaf Tournament in Vyborg.
Starting with small events and having the experience and the opportunity to present our events, we could count on state support and partnership with historical museums.
We use these opportunities and organize the festival of military historical reconstruction “REKON” at the same time at the expense of sponsors (patronage), get help from the city authorities and partially pay for the event by selling tickets. Together, this helps to organize truly large-scale events.
In the case of the St. Olaf tournament, partnership was carried out with the Vyborg Museum, with a historical medieval venue on which there are all the prerequisites for a good medieval event, and as a result, the festival has already been held 4 times and paid off entirely by selling tickets.
Also, she shared the Courage of Ages experience in funding from the state. According to her speech, the work is very thorough: preparing the concept of a future project, presentations, preliminary miscalculations of estimates, a technical description of the project and then it remains only to wait for a decision by representatives of city authorities. In addition, there are grants and government support programs, in which there is also a strict selection of applicants. However, the Courage of the Ages organization has extensive experience in participating in such programs and is always ready to advise its colleagues.
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