“The main question of 2017 is where the “Battle of the Nations” will take place in 2018? We are giving the answer!”

18 Dec 2017 19:43

For the most ambitious and long-awaited event for the HMB movement – the World Championship “Battle of the Nations” – Rome, the magnificent capital of Italy, was chosen.

The Championship will be held on 3-6 May, 2018. This time, the best fighters from all over the world will come to the Eternal City and fill it with the spirit of friendly rivalry and the desire for victories.

This city keeps memories about the glory of outstanding gladiators, the exploits of powerful knightly orders. Many rulers tried to capture their name in history, fighting under the walls of Rome. The wars subsided, but the ineradicable desire of valiant victories didn’t pass.

All roads in 2018 lead to Rome, and we will certainly meet there all together!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania