The “Longsword” in the “Group A” left many impressions for the Brazilian National Team

03 May 2018 19:44
Fights in the group “A” for the duel category “Longsword” ended up. There was a series of difficult, but very interesting fights, for the newcomers of the Championship – the National Team of Brazil.

Daniel Winter, a captain of the UK, praised his rival from Brazil: “It was a good fight. His shots were a little bit obvious, but he has got a great potential. He is a talented fighter, but needs more practice”.

Another representative of the Brazilian National Team, Rodrigo Alvarez Esteves, met the famous duel fighter from Russia, the repeated World Champion Sergei Ukolov in “Group A” in the lists, and this fight impressed Rodrigo:
“It`s amazing! A big honour for me. Ukolov is an inspiration for all generation of HMB fighters. He is very strong and so fast and lightning fast strikes. I`m so tired, it was complicated, but I hope that next year we will fight again”.
Undoubtedly, fighting with such opponents is a test, but the experience that athletes get as a result is priceless!
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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania