The last but not the list

12 Mar 2017 20:59
There are many important things that the participants and the spectators of the Battle of the Nations usually do not attach great importance to. For example, could you imagine a tournament in a historic medieval battle without a list?

Little attention is paid, but almost every year, a new list is coming to the Battle of the Nations. It can be said that it’s like a tradition with a new year’s tree: the organizers are going to a forest, looking for the best tree, and so on … Well, almost like that. In fact, we haven’t had to go to the forest for a long time, we just do and bring the best for the tournament. The same rule applies to lists. For five years now, our engineers together with one of the best carpenters are projecting and fabricating lists, worthy to be at the World Cup in the Historic Medieval Battle.

The history of the tournament list manufacturing started almost immediately with the idea of moving the Battle of the Nations to Europe. At this level, we understood that the lists should withstand the uptake of the best fighters from all over the world, but at the same time should not be cumbersome for the convenience of transportation and aesthetics. For Warsaw, the conditions for the construction of lists were compounded by the fact that there were exemplary fights with horse knights. The lists must have been sufficiently stable and high enough for the riders.

The Battle of the Nations in France changed format of requests: it was necessary to construct a list, which could easily be transformed from one into two for combat in Category 1 vs 1.

Since 2014, together with the Wow-How Studio, all lists with 3d modeling technology and carpenter’s skills do not require any additional assemblies for adjusting the size. It is now enough to assemble 2 sections of list to understand its overall scheme and sustainability. This has resulted in a rather extensive lists for the Battle of the Nations 2014, Croatia. In addition, the design has become such that, even if the partition is reversed, all parts are ideally suited to each other. That is why it is sufficient to take only a couple of additional sections for force majeure, which can easily replace those which were broken.

In 2016, the Battle of the Nations came to Prague with lists with a fundamentally new construction scheme that could boast of a reliable gate and an ultra-high-strength design. Two sections could withstand a hit of up to 1000 kilograms.

Despite such solid structures, a new list is produced every year, as our designers always seek to improve the latest designs, to test the strengths and weaknesses in the case. In addition, each new World Championship site has its own location and a slightly different format for the tournament, which makes adjustments to the lists design.

This year the new list was made to hold the Barcelona tournament. At first, the bars were made from wood, which were dried then for two weeks. During drying and processing, the tree received the necessary properties and aesthetics. Lists will be constructed into Barcelona, going through the whole Europe, and this is about 3,000 kilometers. It will be gathered and will provide a full place for the fighters and for the spectators.

And that means that this year we’ll see another masterpiece of our carpenters and engineers.

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