The Kyrgyz people are not wasting time!

25 Apr 2020 20:22

HMB sport in Kyrgyzstan is developing fast, even while quarantined. While there is no way to fight in the lists, representatives of the HMB movement, led by Bogdan Sbitnev, brought their planning and knowledge to a higher level. Of course it is more exciting to fight, but the development of the organisation is no less important!

“Kyrgyz HMB movement representatives started preparing a “detailed plan for the training process 2.0”  Why 2.0? Because last year we managed to create a “plan for the training process.” Video lessons from the Youtube channel of Sergey Ukolov and materials from the Zarechensky fencing school helped in compiling the document. Also, thanks to our like-minders from the Temir Tumen HMB club and personally to Evgeny Sukhotin from Kazakhstan for organizing the Blade of Steppe festival. There, in addition to fighters from our region, there were fighters from Russia. And, of course, to the Almaty branch of Bayard Club! For a long time they were our only sparring partners and supported us at our festivals and events. ”

After some negative experiences, Bogdan was determined to improve the training process. Lack of experience can also be a result of living in a very remotely situated country.

 “Our territorial isolation and the lack of large-scale involvement of people in the movement forced us to wander somewhere in the end of the column. After all, we clearly understood that we have to spend 2 days in a train to get to the tournament, then we can take part in a maximum of 3-4 rounds or 2-3 gatherings of mass nominations, and after that, silently get home and again 2 days on the road … At least it’s a pity. We understood that we need good preparation so that trips can finally bring pleasure and results. But, there is already some progress,”  said Bogdan Sbitnev.


The guys started working very seriously on themselves and their skills. They actively implemented the knowledge and experience gained, searched for new information, adopted the best practices of HMB champions. After an in-depth analysis and subsequent systemization of the results, they created a new “training process plan”.

In 2019, the Kyrgyz initiated the  “Zhash Guard” (Young Guard), where young children train with soft armour and swords to become the future HMB fighters. 



To the Kyrgyz, this is just the start.. Representatives of the local HMB movement are constantly looking for the opportunity to learn new things. So, the guys have already organized a series of very useful seminars – Alexei Petrik and Yevgeny Shinin from Yekaterinburg shared their knowledge with them. They also talked about the intricacies of teaching children how to fight in soft armor. And Sergei Vasiliev from Novosibirsk brought very important knowledge about how to manufacture armor and fit it to a fighter. “Fitted armor gives 60% advantage on the lists” – This wisdom will remain with them for a long time.

“Now, sitting in quarantine, we gather in Skype conferences and engage in discussion, sometimes very tedious and routine work. But it must be done.

And, of course, we are making plans for the future! A lot of plans, one of which is writing a program for the new direction of our “Guard” club – ethno bow (traditional bow). Thanks to Alexandra Obryadchikova for a huge contribution to the development of this area. I wish everyone patience, the strength to survive this and right after the quarantine being rested and full of energy, to engage and continue to develop the HMB sport”


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