The fifth continent joins “Battle of the Nations-2014″

18 Mar 2014 12:42

“Battle of the Nations”-2014 has covered almost the entire world – the participants of the tournament have been joined by the fifth continent, represented by the national team of South Africa. 

Anton Trubnikov, HMBIA President, conveyed the news.


“The guys were in contact with us for a long time and this year they’ve managed to find people and money to have a difficult and serious travel. They are waiting for “Battle of the Nations”, and we are waiting for them as well,” said Trubnikov.


In general, the tournament is guaranteed to be attended by 25 national teams, both experienced and new ones. Moldova, Kyrgyzstan are still pondering on the participation, negotiations are being held with Finland, Holland, Friesland, Malta.


“This year we have quite a lot of novices of different levels. For example, Kazakhstan is a new country at “Battle of the Nations”, though the movement is quite well developed there, even better than in Luxembourg,” said HMBIA President. – “Croats form a new team for the championship. They have already participated in “Grunwald” and now, as “Battle of the Nations” takes place in their country, they simply cannot miss an opportunity of participation.”


Anton Trubnikov also noted that the Baltic States Team has split up, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia want to participate separately. The same situation is with Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Scotland is going to attend the tournament separately from the Team UK.



Victor Ponomarenko

“HMBIA News”

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania