The exact date of new presidential election has been approved

04 Dec 2017 17:38

We are glad to inform you that the voting for candidates on HMBIA Presidential post will start on the 11 of December 2017 and last until 16th of December.

The interest of HMB-community in a choosing of a new HMBIA President will definitely help to work further on developing our movement, popularization of historical battles as a spectacular and prestigious sport.

We would like to remind that Edouard Eme (France) and Antonio De Zio (Italy) have already submitted their candidatures for this post. Both candidates are leaders of HMB-movement in their countries, high-skilled fighters and experienced organizers. You may familiarize yourself with their bios in our previous publications by following links:

Edouard Eme

Antonio De Zio

Voting will be held in democracy way – online. Each national federation signed the cooperation agreement with HMBIA will have 1 vote.


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania