The draw is on May 30!

27 May 2014 14:19

The draw for the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations-2014 will take place on May 30, in Trogir (Croatia).

The information was conveyed by Sergey Tsymbal, Deputy of HMBIA President for international relations.

An algorithm of the Championship (from the beginning to the finals) will also be presented at the draw ceremony. Organizers promise that the tournament grid will be simple and clear for everyone.

“We know who competes with whom at the Championship: there will be 2 “baskets” for each category (except women’s category 1 vs 1). It means we will have a “basket” of experienced teams and fighters (having the experience of participation in “Battle of the Nations” more than 2 years) and a “basket” of beginners, containing novices and those having one year of experience. In the first round, the play-off pairs will consist of an experienced team against a team of novices. We think that if the novices are strong enough to pass the qualifying stages, they are ready to meet with serious opponents in the play-off,” said Tsymbal.

45 teams have registered for the 5 vs 5 category of the Championship so far. There are 54 fighters for Triathlon (1 vs 1), and 20 women for the “women’s triathlon” category. The “royal category” (“21 vs 21″) will be presented by 6 teams.

Christina Korneva


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania