The Christmas hunt and best wishes from Brazil

06 Jan 2021 15:25

Sunny and vibrant Brazil continues our Christmas marathon of congratulations. It also honors the traditions of Christmas, which also comes in this country on December 25 and is celebrated with families. There are a number of other Christmas traditions here.


The Silver Sword Company HMB club has a historical research about catholicism. Few members are very religious. For Christmas our tradition is related to catholic beliefs organizing a Christmas tree 4 weeks before 25… and removing it on january 6, when we have the Day of Kings holiday. It’s a day to celebrate the 3 Magic Kings that came to Jesus. Also there is a medieval play called The Act of Kings written by Gil Vicente, Portuguese playwright and poet, the first recognized Renaissance author in Portuguese literature from the XV century. And we prepare it as a cultural project for the future, once It’s a medieval reenactment and full of morality tales”. 


In addition, members of the Brazilian Silver Sword Company HMB club managed to arrange a pre-Christmas party. We asked Daniel Felipe, HMBIA marshal  to tell us about how exactly HMB athletes decided to celebrate the long-awaited winter holiday in their circle. We think it turned out very cool!

“2 Holidays a year our club organizes a wild boar hunt, which is legal in Brazil and recommended as well, to control the wild boar population in the country. We saddled horses, built a small medieval camp with tents, cooked Brazilian cuisine and, of course, our main dish was a wild boar on a spit. It was a glorious hunt!”

Of course, our friends from Brazil did not forget to congratulate all of us on wonderful New Year’s holidays and wish a lot of the very best:

Perhaps, the greatest human ability is to adapt. One could survive in any conditions, adjust the world around himself to his needs. But humans can’t live alone, they need to communicate, they need a place where they find themselves among others, a sense of common unity that comforts their essence, that makes them feel at Home. 

HMB, our home, is more than a community; a family. Not just because we feel close to each other as related by birth or bond by spirit, but because we care for each other. Don’t we feel like having a home in more than 40 countries? Don’t we feel like we care about our dearest friends in any part of the world? HMB makes us feel human in its essence, and if in the beginning was the word, this word is Love. 

While isolated in our homes we felt sad for we couldn’t meet each other but it didn’t make us stop connecting, talking, caring, loving… because Love is a verb, an action we take every day, a flame that keeps this beloved Community to be loved. And that is the most spectacular human ability: to love. These days our only wish is that we keep this love, this faith… and we will meet again, hug again, find ourselves in our Home Most Beloved, our community, where we live and love. 

This New Year, iubirea mea primeste fericirea, dragostea din tei… Keep Loving!”


We thank Danil for these words, reminding us that we, people who love HMB sports, are one family. Without even overshadowing the fact that we are separated by distance and the coronavirus. After all, there is something that unites us and this is much more important! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of us!

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