The Buhurt League will start in Poland

27 Oct 2017 17:55

18th of November “PLWR Sieradz” tournament will take place in Poland. The event will give a start for Buhurt League operation in Poland!

It’s the third tournament of Polish Knight League (Polska Liga Walk Rycerskich). The team “KS Rycerz” from ?ód? city won in first two. Now it will be the moment of truth – is there in Poland any team who can beat the leader?

HMBIA News asked Piotr Celej, the vice-president of Polish Knight association (Rycerska Kadra Polski association), about his expectations from the Buhurt League system. He showed his complete support of this new brand format.

Piotr Celej:
“We’re sure that the Buhurt League will change many things. It’s like a World Championship in football in 50’s where best teams could fight all over the continent. Now everybody watches Champions League.

Requirements for the teams will change, they will strive for greater professionalism both in training, physical preparation and in the organization itself. This is a step in the right direction – knights’ battles will become closer to professional sports competitions”.

For Sieradz tournament the organizers expect about 10 teams, domestic and from abroad as well.

Piotr Celej:
“Polish league is always free in registration and open to both polish and foreign teams. The more teams, more fun.
On the last tournament Russian team “Zapadnia Baszta” took second place. It’s always fun and good training to fight with foreign teams”.

HMBIA News wish all participants and audience fully enjoy the tournament!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania