The Buhurt Оpen tournament in Ukraine

16 Nov 2018 14:55

One of the toughest tournaments in the world will take place in Kiev (Ukraine). It is HMB Ukrainian championship. On December, 15 Ukrainian fighters will enter the lists to find out who is stronger, more experienced and worthy to be part of the national team of their country.

The tournament has already received Buhurt Open status in the Buhurt League system. There will be fights in the category “5 by 5″ and mass battles. At the moment, the organizers are expecting at least 12 teams for fights in “5 vs 5″.

Valeriy Voznyuk, captain of the national team of Ukraine and the main organizer of the Ukrainian championship, told us details about the tournament.

Valeriy Voznyuk:
“It is the first tournament in such format. This event is logical continuation of the qualifying for the Ukrainian team, which used to be so to say private. The tournament is planned to be held annually, because people in Ukraine like HMB sport. Their interest in medieval battles is growing every year and Ukraine lacks a large event gathering HMB fans from around the world. “

Despite the fact that the tournament is national, athletes from other countries can take part as well. Everyone will be welcome here.

In addition to spectacular and uncompromising battles, guests and participants of the Championship will be able to visit the medieval fair, where there is always something to see and to buy. Fighters or merchants need to contact the organizers to register for the tournament or text personally to Valeriy Voznyuk.

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania