The British feat in Russia

07 Apr 2020 13:12

The HMBIA marshal corps is expanding its geography. The British marshal Andrew Rose worked at the HMB venue of the REKON 2020 festival in St. Petersburg. His work at the event in Russia can be compared to a feat, because he flew to St. Petersburg at a very turbulent time for the whole world, when in many countries there was already a quarantine and Andrew also had to fly home in a difficult period. However, the marshal managed to do it on time and gained priceless experience in such large-scale and eventful tournaments as REKON.

I am taking part in the REKON festival for the first time and also it’s my first time in St. Petersburg. I’m really impressed! The festival is wonderful! Well organized, great work by the marshal’s corps as always in Russia. Of course, tournaments in Russia are different from European ones. Fights are tougher,” said Andrew Rose.


Andrew achieved his Marshal certificate last November and the REKON 2020 festival is the third HMB tournament in his practice. He admitted that there are some difficult aspects of the work for European Marshals in Russia, but he still does not see a significant difference:

“There is a small language barrier, but the work of the marshal is based on what we see with our eyes, so I don’t see any problems in the work. On the contrary, working as a marshal at such large-scale tournaments, I benefit my club and the HMB movement in my country,”the marshal noted.


Andrew Rose is a member of the White Company Club from the UK. Being an absolute fan of HMB, he realized that being a marshal and working at international events, including the Russian ones, he would be able to gain valuable experience and help conduct such large events in the UK.

It is worth noting that the experience gained at the REKON Andrew successfully brought to compatriots. The road back home went without incident, he has no complaints about ill health and now, during a forced respite, he has the opportunity to analyze his knowledge and make plans for future work as a marshal.


HMBIA News is glad that Andrew’s health is not in danger, and we look forward to seeing him at future HMB tournaments.

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