The BotN Total Recall marathon has come to an end!

07 Jun 2020 15:08

The BotN Total Recall marathon was the first in the history of the Championship to be held on such a scale. Here, many representatives of all countries contributed, having participated in the Battle of the Nations, totalling more than 40 stories!


Battle of the Nations is different for everyone; it is filled with people’s emotions. There were live broadcasts where Brazilians, Americans, Germans, Brits, Danes, Russians, Ukrainians and many other fighters, together with Gavin Stewart, recalled the highlights of various Championships. Guests of the streams revealed their secrets, told stories that happened at Battle of the Nations and answered questions from the audience. It was a lively conversation filled with humor. It didn’t matter which country the guests were from, because they were on the same wavelength, sharing the same interests.
It made for interesting and revealing conversations!

All this time, hundreds of people in socials told their stories from championships of different years, published photos from BotN in posts and stories. As part of the marathon, people shared their photo and video archives. Followers of @Battle_of_the_Nations on Instagram also joined the marathon and showed artifacts and souvenirs brought from the Battle of the Nations and stored for many years.

Thanks to the articles on the site and in socials, we learned a lot of things about each hero. There was joy, achievements, lessons learned, defeats and victories. Their stories were so lively, emotional and very different, although all these stories are united by a common thing – the memory of the Battle of the Nations, which became not just the goal of every HMB athlete, but an important part of his life!

It was very pleasant, touching and interesting to listen to stories from different countries, from different people, but all these stories were united by the love of Historical Medieval Battle and Battle of the Nations.

Reading and listening, we discovered each of the ten championships in a new way. We saw it from a different angle and learned new details. We laughed, worried and marveled along with the heroes of these stories. In the absence of the most important tournament of the year and in the difficult period of quarantine and self-isolation, we were imbued with the special atmosphere that prevails at the Battle of the Nations and lived it again. After all, this is not just competition – the character is tempered here, new goals appear, dreams come true and true friendship is born!


Our editors sincerely thank everyone who took part in the marathon and supported it. Every word, every photo and video is history! And each of us has become part of this great history of the HMB Championship Battle of the Nations!


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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania