The best master armorer will be able to become a partner of “Battle of the Nations”

14 May 2014 10:50

A winner of the “best armor manufacturer” contest will become a partner of Battle of the Nations for a year.

The information was conveyed by Marina Amelokhina, Head of HMBIA PR & marketing committee.

“The winner will become our partner for a year. It means, in addition to other things, we’ll advertise his workshop on all our web sites. Also, we will recommend the master winner to those who address us concerning armor manufacturing,” told Amelokhina.

In addition to the partnership, the winner may also expect an “instantaneous” prize, which he’ll get at the festival. But the organizers keep that prize in secret.

“Our main task is to allow everyone interested in practising HMB to find qualitative, reliable workshop producing suitable armor, which is safe, reasonably priced, aesthetic and authentic,” added Marina Amelokhina.

Christina Korneva,

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1st-4th July
Oradea Fortress, Romania