The “Battle of the Nations – 2015″ opening ceremony

07 May 2015 11:12

May, 7th at 10 a.m. in the heart of Prague, on Hradcany Square an opening ceremony of the World Historical Medieval Battle Championship called “Battle of the Nations – 2015″ took place. Modern knights from more than thirty countries of the world appeared before the spectators and journalists in full shining armor and then were taken to the Petrin hill, where they fought not only in the duel, but in group fights as well.

Since the Historical Medieval Battle is a young, growing sport, which recently has reached an international level, each new championship surpasses the previous number of participants. This year, national teams of Hungary and Netherlands joined the fun. In addition, eleven teams perform in group battles “21 vs 21″, in which numerous teams of fighters fight each other at the big lists (7.5 m wide and 15 m long).

Moreover, viewers will witness exciting combats and spectacular fights at “5 vs 5” and “all vs all” categories, which will set in motion more than 100 fighters at the same time. Last year, there was a category of female duels (1 vs 1), and this year there is a new category of women bugurt: “all vs all”. Another novelty for the audience will be the impressively short duels with halberds.

This year “Battle of the nations” promises a hot competition and an exceptionally tough adrenaline show with strong men in armor fighting each other, their physical collision with the liters of sweat, and sometimes even with blood drops. It is not only the show, but the real fight as well. Indeed, to understand what the historical medieval battle is, it must be seen with your own eyes. The citizens of Prague and visitors of Czech capital can do it, starting from today till 10th May inclusive.

Come to Petrin hill and support your national team!

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1st-4th July
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