“TerraMagica”-2017 – the view from the Australian side”

20 Jan 2017 16:30
HMBIA News couldn`t told our friends about Australian experience of fighting in the Mexican tournaments. Eric Cortis, fighter of HMB club “Havoc” from Australia participated in “TerraMagica”-2017 tournament in Mexico. Our reporter had a little conversation with Eric and that`s what he told us.

Eric Cortis:
“I arrived the night before due to Lufthansa having a two day strike. Arriving in time to fight the next day I met the New Zealand team, whom I was a mercenary for. I felt like more of a sportsmen at the event – everything was on such a large scale and the fighting was hardcore”.

Australian fighter also told HMBIA News about the fights and his team opponents.

Eric Cortis:
“The team I fought with came from a country where HMB has only existed for three years. They performed quite well, considering the lack of experience compared to other teams at the event. Everyone fought ‘till they couldn’t stand, undergoing injuries we came down to three fighters including myself and fought till the end and even won a fight beforehand during the day. They were a bunch of awesome guys, even letting me scream “Aussie Aussie Aussie” during the fight which even put some countries off scaring them a little. I felt our team gave everything they had and were great guys to fight alongside. I felt I did quite well using everything that team “Havoc” in Australia as well as Mexican tournaments have taught me. Putting some big hits on opponents, dropping a few with one hit and even driving two people over the list at the same time. I hope my captain Bryce Lightbody is proud and I can’t wait to use this experience and new knowledge in Japan”.

As we see, Eric Cortis had a great adventure in Mexico. HMBIA News would like to thank Eric for the interview and wish him new victories.


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