Talented Mr. Kainz closed his season of the year 2014

28 Sep 2014 09:17

 People of the HMB movement

A talented person can do all sorts of things! This saying has been confirmed by an Austrian, Mathias Kainz, known as a commentator of the online broadcast of the HMB World Championship Battle of the Nations-2014. Mathias proved himself as a successful HMB fighter.

A fight, where Mathias Kainz and his brother Nicolas participated, took place in a fair commune of Gablitz (not far from Vienna, Austria). The fight was a demonstration one, because there were no HMB fighters there, except for the Kainz brothers.

– Mathias Kainz, HMB fighter and HMB commentator:

“That day my brother and me were closing our HMB season of the year 2014. Conditions were nice, the weather was perfect, and I was glad to wear my armor (after my fight against the Scottish fighter Andy Pratt in late August, when I used borrowed gear). As usual, it was a very exciting fight for everyone, for the audience and for us, we got a lot of positive comments then. People looked at the dents on our helmets with amazement and asked many questions, concerning the weight of our armor, and so on, ans so forth :).”

“Gablitzer Mittelalterfest” fair was held in Austria on September 20-21. The event was not very big, it involved several groups of reenactors and some salesmen. But it offered an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. According to Mathias, many visitors came to talk with them after the fight, and they were surprised to hear that the bout had been not a staged, but a full contact one.

– Mathias Kainz, HMB commentator and HMB fighter:

“A lot of people heard of HMB for the first time that day, and I think they won’t forget it!”



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