“Swords of Cygnus” female team: HMB bonds us stronger than blood

08 Dec 2017 15:32
Jo Booth told that everything had started in 2016, on the festival in Derbyshire town (Great Britain), under the burning August sun to the sound of clashing steel. Inspired by fights holding there, several women decided to found females-only HMB team. They chose elegance and strong name of it – “Swords of Cygnus”. We are going to tell about this team right now.

“Swords of Cygnus” consists of 7 competing fighters. The team is a division of the HMB club “UK FED” from Great Britain. The captain is Steph Kiddle.

Since “Battle of the Nations” – 2017 the girls have been working in accordance with the needs of the HMB sport in the UK. They’ve created a team of the strongest UK female fighters to compete internationally.

The men of the UK FED support the women’s side of HMB, and are proud to see them grow in strength, skills and numbers.

The fighters of «Swords of Cygnus» are in a hurry to attend as much tournaments as possible. Because after each event they gain new experience, skills, and their fighting level is growing. HMBIA News editorial office had been watching several months in a row, how girls, no sooner had they arrived from one tournament than announce their participation in next one.
Jo: “We have fought in 8 tournaments this season including in German, France, the Netherlands, Spain (“Battle of the Nations”) as well as the United Kingdom. We’ve taken home gold, silver and bronze medals across these events in buhurt and dueling categories”.

Steph Kiddle: “Berlepsch Cup” tournament was the most memorable as it was the first time we travelled out independently to our men’s team for a tournament. Not only that, but there were 5 women’s teams, more than any tournament since “Battle of the Nations” – 2017”.

Sofie Maceanruig about Berlepsch Cup: “We came away with bronze medals in buhurt, which was amazing. The experience of fighting such ferocious teams was invaluable”.

Girls made friends through HMB, and through training and fighting together they have become close friends. They are all ambitious in the sport and in other areas of their lives and support each other in and out of the lists.

To increase interest to HMB-sport and attract new participants to the team, members of “Swords of Cygnus” attend different events, musical concerts and medieval fairs and actively communicate with the public.

Sofie: We enjoy their surprise when they see female fighters in the list. Talking to them about the history of HMB, the technical nuances which make up the different categories is something we’re passionate about, especially when you see them developing an appetite just as strong as yours to put on armor and compete on the international level”.

We asked girls about their favorite HMB categories and weapons, and here are the answers:

Sofie: “My favourite category is buhurt. I love a good shield punch, watching your opponent stagger from the power of your blow”.

Jo: “Buhurt is awesome because of the teammates I have by my side. But I want the category to progress to “5 vs 5”. My weapons of choice are falchion and punching shield. I love profighting because there is more opportunity to inflict damage on my adversary which gives me a great feeling of satisfaction”.

Steph: “I would have to say my favourite category is buhurt. Although I am very fond of longsword duels and profighting, Buhurt brings in group dynamics and tactics which can make for a very interesting fight”.

Currently “Swords of Cygnus” members plan to develop intensively as an HMB team, and choose as the main aim to take part in “Dynamo Cup” – 2018. They dream that one day they will fight in a women’s Buhurt category “21 vs 21”.

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